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Before her feet could reach the pedals, Kimberly Raadt was playing the piano. Her father taught her to read music when she was five years old, and she also learned to play and sing by ear, picking out tunes from the radio much like her mother had always done. At seventeen, she became lead singer and piano player of her first band.

Since 1979 Kim has performed in bands ranging in size from duos to 16-piece swing bands, and in genres including rock, folk, country, jazz, blues, r&b, funk, fusion, hip hop, Calypso, and Carolina beach music. She has performed on the same bill with notables including Billy Joe Royal, Beth Nielsen Chapman, and Cheap Trick, and her band mates have included former members of Gladys Knight's band, The Drifters, and Parliament Funkadelic.

In 1996 Kim took a break from regular live performance, but began adding to her catalog of original music. Kim performed for a while as a solo artist at several popular Atlanta venues, but has concentrated on writing and recording in recent years. In 2000 she started releasing her self-produced original music, now available through CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, and many other distributors worldwide.

Kim studied voice at the University of Alabama, and music theory and jazz at Auburn University, where she earned a Bachelor of Music performance degree in Jazz Studies in 1989. Kim also earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Auburn University at Montgomery in 1996. Kim is from Montgomery, Alabama, and has lived in metro Atlanta, Georgia since 1996. Happily married since 1999, Kim chose to keep her maiden name as her artist moniker.